Australian Shipbuilder Matt Duncan has designed a tsunami survival pod that can withstand 6 tons of debris

The four-person survival vessel is made of strong spiral-welded steel with crumple zones to absorb impacts. the pod has safety features like racing seats with harnesses, bulletproof windows, and enough air for about two and a half hours. it can be stored in a garage and wheeled out easily, and though it costs $8500, its … Read more

Sandra Bullock took care of Bryan Randall in his final days; he shielded her from cameras when she was trolled for looking ‘unrecognizable’

Sandra Bullock’s partner, Bryan Randall, Sadly passed away at 57 due to private battle with ALS, prompting her family to appreciate her devoted care. Sandra’s sister, Gesine Bullock-prado, Shared Her Grief on instagram, not only mourning Bryan’s loss but also praising Sandra’s unwavering Commitment. Gesine remarked. “ALS is cruel, but comfort lies in my amazing … Read more

Beyonce Paid $100k For Maryland Metro To Run Later Following Weather Delays For Her Concert

Due to Severe Weather, Beyonce’s “Renaissance Tour” Show was delayed, and Metro Extended its last train by an hour. Concertgoers waited nearly two hours for the shelter-in-place to end at FedEx Field Before the performance. The tour funded the additional hour of Metro service-converting the $100k cost to run more trains, keep all 98 stations … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals He eats 4,000 calories a day, including a Hefty Mcdonalds’s order

CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveils his 4,000-calories daily indulgence, citing it as a tasty counterbalance to his active routine, with a menu featuring 20 nuggets, a quarter pounder, fries, Mcflurry, pie, and Cheeseburgers. UFC fighter Mike Davis swiftly challenged the head of Meta, stating “you’re in camp! No Mcdonalds” “Not cutting weight so i need 4,000 … Read more

Taiwanese Couple in Their 80s pose with Clothes Forgotten in their laundromat-become viral Fashion influencers

Wan-ji Chang and Sho-Er Hsu Who owned a laundromat in Taiwan for nearly 70 years. They Have Garnered internet Fame for their Stylish outfits created from abandoned clothes. Their Grandson, Reef Chang, Convinced his grandparents to wear their old clothes and take pictures together, leading them to create an instagram account calles @wantshowasyoung, which has … Read more

The Lebron james-Backed ‘i promise School’ Reveals None if its 8th Grade Students have passed the state Math test in over 3 years

Akron Public school board Members are outraged with the ‘I promise School’ after it reported that not a single one of its 8th grade students has passed a state math test in over 3 years, Although the ‘I promise School’ is considered a public school, it operates in partnership with the Lebron james Family Foundation, … Read more